Get a roof! Charity

We had no damage at Planet from the Lombok earthquakes due to our earthquake proof building methods. But many families in Lombok were devastated. As good neighbours, we need to help. So Heaven on the Planet started the “Get a Roof! in Lombok” charity.

Planet made the first donations for two rooves and many of our guests are helping as well. The damage is too big to help everyone in Lombok, while building an entire house is too expensive. So we focussed on our nearby villages making new rooves to keep out the rain, protect from the sun and give villagers a new start. A big steel roof of 10x10sq m costs only $AUD2,000. So far, two rooves have been constructed and we have the funds for one more.

The earthquakes have stopped but the damage lives on. Your donations really help. Please send donations to the Heaven on the Planet Australian bank account marked as “Get a Roof!” and Planet will keep this project going … with absolutely no overheads or funds coming to Heaven on the Planet for administration or time. We are just happy to do such a wonderful thing for the people of Lombok. Whole families are being helped and they really need a new start.

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