New Restaurant: Harmony in Architecture

Heaven on the Planet’s new restaurant and reception blends modern lines and traditional character. The 6 metre coconut trees support a two-storey building. The upper level is a timber floor and downstairs at ground level is polished concrete. The building looks west across the pool, to the surf, Ekas Bay and the sunsets. This is a magnificent addition to Heaven on the Planet. 

The back story is about rising from the ashes. In the midst of the Covid lock-down, the old restaurant and café caught on fire. The fire raised the restaurant, and spread through the cookhouse, galleria and reception. The Core of Planet was totally lost! 

“We are so happy to have created new life from the ashes”, says the owner, Kerry Black. “We have gone from disappointment to extreme excitement in one jump. I wanted the building to be a statement about architecture and the wonder of Lombok”.

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