Nigel gets an A and an A and an A and an A – and a halo

Many of our guests know Nigel – qualified surf instructor and lover of the early surf boat at 6 am. After 4 successive seasons of 6-month stints at Planet, Nigel is well known as helpful, lovable and calm.

But there is another side to Nigel – not someone who secretly has a harem or who likes both salt and sugar in his Lombok coffee. No, there’s yet another side and here’s the story.

Nigel is brainy. He has recently completed a two-year Diploma in Social Media Marketing as an Adult Student with Upskilled. The course is not easy. There are many topics to deal with and each require essays and practical elements.

Congratulations to Nigel for an amazing set of results. In the four big subjects that he completed; Nigel got 100% for all of them. Yes, 100% for every assignment over 2 years.

Well done, Nigel. Congratulations from us all. We happily confer the honourable title of “Brainy Nigel of Heaven on the Planet”, our highest award.

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