Defining Paradise

Searching for the soul of Planet … what is Heaven on the Planet? We’ve asked, we’ve pondered and we’ve tried. But what’s the magic elixir, the true essence of the spirit of Heaven? We can’t promise eternal life because holidays are finite. But we can promise being “born again”. We can’t promise virgin men. But we can promise romantic. We can’t promise to part the Red Sea. But we can promise surf. We can’t provide a cure for Sea Level Rise. But we can promise a safe haven on top of the 50 m cliffs.

Here’s what the guests said. “I meet so many nice people and love that the best”. “Surf”. “I like the night sessions with heaps of endless food, drinks, photos of today’s waves and the jokes”.

Maybe our new competition for budding writers: “Experiences at Planet”, with 3, 2 and 1 complimentary nights at Planet for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will reveal the true meaning of Heaven on the Planet. We think it’s a package of beauty, relaxation, friendships and energy of the sea, land and spirit. We can’t promise Heaven in the sky. But we can promise Heaven on the Planet.

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