Climate Change Guidelines Released in India

Has anyone ever heard of “Climate Change and Sea Level Rise”. You know it’s real because politicians appear worried about losing black coal mines. Skinny polar bears in the Arctic know because temperatures are up to 3oC higher than they should be. The traditional NSW farmers are now convinced that shite is happening!

The cliffs at Heaven on the Planet are 50 m tall … yes, they are old sand dunes which formed when the water level was 50 m higher. Even the top soil is filled with sea fossils like scallop shells. Hot, hotter and hottest … is not good.

But folks are trying for solutions. After 4 years on the project with many Indian and international colleagues, Dr Kerry Black’s Guidelines for Coastal Protection under Climate Change have been accepted and published in India.

The full document can be downloaded HERE


India has made major progress in the battle against climate change with the new ‘Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines for Planning, Design, Submission, Appraisal and Acceptance of Coastal Protection and Management Projects’. The Guidelines are critically important when sea level rise, more intense storms and rainfall, heat waves and human displacement are looming large.

This first of this kind document for India greatly advances the country’s preparedness at the right time when India is a key participant in global initiatives against climate change. It may reduce the multi-billion-dollar burgeoning budgets needed to protect the coast while aiding the millions of Indian coastal inhabitants.

More than an engineering manual, the Guidelines recognize the links between economic, physical, social and governmental complexity in handling climate change.  The concept promoted is that solutions may occur only when all facets are improved simultaneously. Fundamentally practical solutions to inhibit coastal erosion and sustain life and livelihood are presented with learning from historical case studies, modern scientific knowledge, and best global practices.  While the Guidelines are focused on India, this important document provides useful assistance to all countries with shorelines exposed to climate change.

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