Cycling Record Set

In a world-first, Dianne Phillips and Kerry cycled from Heaven on the Planet to the easternmost tip of Lombok at Tanjung Ringgit, via the long route past the southern reefs. That’s a new entry in the “Planet Book of Records”. The scenery and quiet roads took them to the edge of the universe on high cliffs above the massive currents that flow between Lombok and Sumbawa. The water was crystal clear, fish were abundant and they watched a gliding Tropicbird with its beautiful long tail feathers  … maybe the bird was really the dude who created the Legend of Foil Heaven. To not glorify the story too much, Kerry rang for the Heaven car to come and take them back! Roads over there are so bad, it would have been quicker on the bike!

For the oceanographers: the flow is one of the two main joins between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Water pushed across the bottom of Australia by the westerlies, enters the South Pacific and eventually returns to the Indian Ocean through the Lombok and Alas Straits. Yes, it’s more complicated, but that’s pretty close.

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